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Monday, February 12, 2007

Wanna Know About AGLOCO

is a New money making program on the net (still in beta) that pays its members to surf the web.(It is not actually new : It is from the same people who owned the famous AllAdvantage network, that paid out over 100 million dollars to people in the past)

You will become a member only when you signup .Agloco will pay its members for friends you refer and for friends that are referred from your friends and so on.

Some frequently asked questions:

How does this work?

After you signup you will have to download the Viewbar (which will be available when they are out of beta). The Viewbar will see how much time you are online and then pay you for it. Currently the maximum number of hours per month that is payable is 5.
has also devised a way to tell if you are actually online and just don’t have your computer on. Also no cheating or you will be banned. Another thing if you only surf 3 hours in a month you will only get 60% of what you were supposed to make that month. So make sure you surf your full amount (for most of the people I don’t think that will be a problem).

How do I get money for signing(referring) people up?

Once you have made an account at Agloco you will get your own unique referral link.
First direct referrals are people you sign-up. The greatest thing about this program is that the referral system is 5 levels deep.First there are your direct referrals that sign up with your referral link.Then there are Extended referrals,those people that sign-up under the people you sign-up. The extended referrals will go to 4 levels past your direct referral(so in total there will be 5 levels of referrals).For example if you sign-up 5 people who in turn sign-up 5 people and everyone surfs their 5 hours per month, then you should make 4886.25 per month according to the calculator on
. A big note here, that number is not dollars, it is a percentage of cash and shares. Also the share price of the company is not yet determined. So if you can get that one super referrer that signs up 50+ people you could be all set.

Is the Viewbar safe to download ?Is it free from Spyware ?

Yes.The Viewbar is absolutely free from Spyware and is totally safe.It does not track your personal information and respects your privacy.

Is it a scam ?

No,Absolutely NOT.AllAdvantage, Agloco’s predecessor paid out over 100 million dollars to people .The Agloco program appears more sound and has come out with a structurally stable plan and there is no logical reason to think the company will cheat anybody.

Important Note:Agloco is expanding very rapidly.Join now to reap the maximum benefits and earn big money.

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